Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does Pricing Work For Plumbing Projects?

When it comes to most common plumbing projects, time and materials determine the price. Most plumbers charge a flat fee for showing up, plus an hourly fee. On top of that, homeowners will need to pay for any materials used.

Reasons to Get a Main Line Cleanout Installed

Getting a main line cleanout installed will significantly reduce the price that a plumber will charge if he is ever called out to repair a clog between the house and the city sewer line.

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems for California Residents?

In Southern California, many older homes retain their original plumbing pipes. Like any home system, these pipes have a life expectancy. For older houses, this expectancy has expired. These galvanized pipes generally need to be replaced with copper ones.

What Should Every Homeowner Know About DIY Plumbing?

Although it's best to call a plumber for big jobs, there are dozens of small fixes that homeowners can safely make without the help of a professional plumber.

When Is It Necessary to Get a Quote for a Plumbing Project?

Quotes and in-person pricing estimates are typically not necessary for smaller plumbing jobs. Quotes are best for big jobs like re-piping and main line cleanout installations. If you're dealing with a large-scale plumbing issue, get in touch with a San Gabriel plumber from Merry Plumbing today. We've served the San Gabriel region for 70 years; let us put this experience to work for you! Simply call our office at (626) 414-5583 to request a free estimate of our services.