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Plumbing leaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When most homeowners think of plumbing leaks, they think of big problems like burst pipes that send water gushing into the space around the sudden fault. While it’s true that a burst pipe is a possibility and can cause immense damage in an extremely short amount of time, it’s also true that these are the overwhelming minority of leaks. The vast majority of leaks are extremely small—so small, in fact, that they are almost impossible to detect on a day-to-day basis without accidentally encountering a consequence of it. Whether the leak is buried in your walls, exists in one of your plumbing appliances, or even is located in the slab beneath your feet, you need to locate the problem quickly for a fast and effective repair. When it comes to fast leak detection services, Merry San Marino Plumbing is the name customers trust in Pasadena.

Without the dedication of plumbers like our experts at Merry San Marino Plumbing, you could be exposed at any moment to the risk of burst pipes, pinhole leaks, or steady drips that could result in everything from extreme flooding to long-term localized damage to your property. Our team uses sophisticated equipment and modern techniques to locate these leaks and fix them properly as quickly as possible. Whether the flaw is in your drain lines, buried in your walls, or in your main sewer or water connection, our professionals can find them with precision accuracy.

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Causes of a Hidden Leak

There are many reasons your piping systems could suffer from a hidden leak, and some are easier to prevent so long as you maintain your pipes. Others can only be repaired with the help of a professional plumber. No matter the type of leak, the problem could cause terrible damage to your house and yard if it isn’t addressed quickly, so it is important to locate and address leaks as soon as possible.

Some of the most common causes of leaks include:

  • Drains that have become clogged as a result of tossing inorganic or non-water-soluble items down the drain
  • Pipes that have shifted due to earthquakes, mudslides, and other natural catastrophes
  • Pipes that have been infiltrated or ruptured by twisting tree roots

High-Tech Leak Detection in the Pasadena

Gone are the days when plumbers had to blindly dig up your whole property to find a leak in your main water or sewer lines. Thanks to upgrades in industry equipment, our skilled technicians use the most advanced technology to detect hidden leaks.

Some of the most successful tested methods we use include:

  • Meter detection: After shutting off all water faucets and fixtures in your home, our plumber checks your water meter to see if it’s continuing to turn. If it is, there’s a good chance you have a leak.
  • Infrared technology: Temperature-sensing infrared cameras are great for spotting leaks because they quickly pick up on subtle temperature differences that our eyes are unable to see. A leaking pipe usually creates a temperature contrast, and an infrared camera can pick this up right away.
  • High-power listening equipment: Your plumber empties the water out of your water line network and then pressurizes the lines with an air compressor. Your plumbers then use an ultra-high-sensitivity microphone and listening equipment to locate the sound of escaping air or subtle whistling from leaks as small as a pinhole.

Benefits of Professional Leak Detection

Water leak detection is extremely important, for preventing further damage to your property, and ensuring that you have clean and sage water for you and your family.

Some benefits that come with professional leak detection services include the following:

  • Maximizes water usage
  • Ensures that you have a reliable water supply
  • Prevents further damage from happening to your home, or neighboring homes
  • Saves you from having to pay high costs to repair damages
  • Helps to conserve water
  • Prevents your water from getting contaminated, and ensures safe and clean water
  • Reduces your water bill costs

Reliable Professional Service

While no leak is thought of as a “good leak,” leaks that are hidden in places you typically don’t see are certainly the worst. How can you expect to get your leaks fixed if you have no idea where they are located? Thankfully, you do not have to play hide-and-seek with your leaks on your own; the professional plumbing experts at Merry San Marino Plumbing are equipped to locate these leaks for you.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How Does Merry Plumbing Detect Leaks Without Causing Damage to My Property?

Merry Plumbing utilizes advanced, non-invasive technology such as meter detection, infrared cameras, and high-power listening equipment to accurately locate leaks without the need for extensive digging or property damage. This high-tech approach means that we can quickly identify any leaks, minimizing disruption to your home in Pasadena.

Can Hidden Leaks Affect My Water Bill in Pasadena?

Yes, hidden leaks can affect your water bill in Pasadena by causing it to rise unexpectedly. Even small leaks can waste a substantial amount of water over time, leading to higher costs. Professional leak detection services from our team can help identify and repair these leaks, ultimately saving you money and conserving water.

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