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Pipes have become the lifeblood of our home. These veins of metal or modern plastic materials carry water to the various points where we need it throughout our home while also removing waste and wastewater in a manner that is effective and safe. However, because this complex network is primarily hidden beneath the floors and behind the walls of our home, it is easy to forget the great lengths our pipes take to transport our most valuable resource – until our pipes suddenly break down. If you’ve got a pipe problem in your home, the Pasadena pipe repairs team at Merry San Marino Plumbing can offer you a quality solution done right and done right away.

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Signs Your Pasadena Pipes May Need Repair

It can often be challenging to detect when you have a piping problem; pipes are usually hidden from view, tucked away under sinks, beneath floorboards, and between walls. This is why you need a licensed plumber in Pasadena, Los Angeles, El Monte, or the surrounding areas, to not only accurately identify and detect your piping problem, but solve it once and for all. However, knowing that you have a potential problem is important, and everyone should be able to spot some basic warning signs that your piping may be ready to give out. This way, you can immediately call a plumbing technician to solve your problem before the worst-case scenario occurs.

Common Indicators of Impending Pipe Failure:

  • Constant collection of water from leaks – For the most minor cases, you might be able to carefully tighten your plumbing fixture. However, little leaks usually turn into bigger ones, and you will need a professional plumber to fix them for good. Trying to change washers and gaskets on your own might even result in worse issues, and you definitely do not want to break anything. If you notice constant leaks, do not ignore the problem and call our plumbers right away.
  • Rust-colored water – That brownish-red color in the water coming from your taps is an indication that there are excessive iron deposits in your water, usually from corrosion on the inner lining of your pipes. This is a sign that your pipes are starting to age rapidly, and that you should consider a serious pipe repair or whole-home repipe service soon.
  • Foul odors emerging from your pipes and drains – The moment you start suddenly smelling the revolting, sulfuric scent of rotten eggs or decaying food, call an experienced Pasadena plumbing contractor. Bad smells usually indicate a more serious issue, including the possibility of a sewage problem.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

It is commonly believed that pipes only burst when they freeze due to frigidly cold temperatures. However, that is not the only reason. In fact, it’s actually the increase in pressure from the frozen water within the pipe, which obstructs the flow of water, that leads to the bursting. This change in pressure is also possible during the warmer months. For example, a rise in water usage, which typically occurs during the summer, puts more pressure on the pipes, leaving them vulnerable to cracks and even bursting. Significant clogs, tree roots, and movement in the soil and ground surrounding the pipe are all additional causes.

Identifying a Burst Pipe in Your Home:

  • You’ve noticed a drop or fluctuation in your home’s water pressure
  • There was a sudden and unexpected rise in your monthly water bill
  • You hear unusual noises when your water is running
  • There are water spots and stains on the walls or drywall

As a burst pipe can cause serious damage, it is best to contact a professional pipe repair expert if you notice any of the above signs. While a professional repair or repiping, in severe enough cases, is the only remedy to this problem, our team of plumbers can provide information on what to look for and how to properly maintain your pipes to prevent any future bursts.

Act Now: Get Reliable Pipe Repairs in Pasadena

It does not take a long time for leaking, cracked, or broken pipes to start to strain your already heavily-worked budget. Not only does a leak waste water, one of our most precious natural resources, but it also drains money out of your wallet. Delaying a pipe repair also increases the amount of money you will need to spend on more extensive restoration services for water damage. Turn to our experts at Merry San Marino Plumbing to help you avoid a serious problem with reliable pipe repairs in the Pasadena, San Gabriel, Altadena, and beyond.

Choose Merry San Marino Plumbing for Your Pipe Repair Needs

Whenever you are facing leaking, cracked, or burst pipes, Merry San Marino Plumbing is the name you can turn to for quality help in a pinch. Such a task is certainly overwhelming if you had to fix the problem all on your own, but thankfully, you never have to worry about this so long as you call our team of plumbing experts. We are equipped to handle a wide variety of plumbing problems, including both water lines and drain lines, and we offer superior customer service while doing so. When you demand total peace of mind and exceptional quality work, our plumbing company in Pasadena delivers for your total satisfaction.

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